Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ roll!
Your daddy was born today
Talkin’ Chuck Berry

Chuck was rock’s first king
‘Cause he was no prince, always
Pulling some nonsense

Weapons rap headline
Read: “A gun in his pink car”
Chuck was hard to miss

Duck walkin’, duckin’
Taxes and morals charges
And cops hassling him

Yeah, Chuck was a pain
But could he write, play and sing
Handsome devil, too

“Maybelline” started
String of hits, “Johnnie B. Goode”
Proved Chuck was real deal

He was hard to love
And is to this day, but he
Paved the rock highway

So just give me some
Of that rock ‘n’ roll music
And give Chuck his due

Dibs on all the dance moves on this one:

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