San Simeon

From July 5:

Times few and fleeting
The beauty’s overwhelming
And life’s a postcard

Waves shatter sunlight
Seven thousand silver shards
Refract and reflect

Lone boulder juts up
Takes surf’s pounding, makes its plans
For next thousand years

Seaweed leaves, networks
Of brown veins, like discarded
PC circuit boards

Pop pop popping pods
On a long skein of seawood
Neptune’s bubble wrap

Panhandler sponges:
“Something to tide me over?”
“Here’s a sand dollar”

Pelicans in flight
Angled, prehistoric like
A ’60 Buick

Soft setting sunlight
Dusts the contours of her face
Unparalleled view

Fingernail moon sinks
Into its own reflection
Lights out on the bay

Fire pit, aglow
No match for the icy waves
Breaking in my heart

Quarter moon, chilling
Sends down silver white pathway
Splits the inky sea

Quarter moon, no rest
For waves’ mistress on her quest,
Longing for fullness

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