“Once more with filling,” redux

From a visit to the dentist, where actually I’m always treated well and kindly, by dentists and hygienists alike. This is the first of some “Everyday things” postings, followed by an annual checkup and a haircut.

From Feb. 22:

Dental cleaning day
My God, excruciating!
Hearing “lite” FM

They didn’t numb gums
Or teeth, but Jeez my poor brain
Went catatonic

“Easy listening”?
To rock ‘n’ roll ears that’s just
A big freakin’ lie

Molars, incisors,
Bicuspids all were agreed:
This music bites it

They thought I had lost
A filling. “No, music’s lost
“All feeling,” I said

“Please switch the station,”
I beg; they refuse, tell me
I should know the drill

Next time I’ll demand
Some Hendrix, or else I take
Hygienist hostage

Or maybe protest
Nonviolently, eat box
Of Oreos first

Or I will wimp out.
The mean hygienist, Flossy,
Always has me cowed

But please, just no more
Little River Band; how ’bout
Root canal instead?

Note: The “lite FM” station has changed formats, so on my recent dentist visit for the first time in memory I did not hear “Reminiscing” — and I didn’t miss it a bit.

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