That hallowed feeling

Halloween horror:
Came as my best self — no one
Could recognize me

Jack-O-Lanterns carved
Porch light switched to the red bulb
Scary music’s on

Cider’s warming up
Scarecrow’s in the front porch seat
Time for trick or treat!

Ghosts and princesses
Little pumpkins, bumblebees
Vikings, vagabonds

Witches with itches
Darth Vader wheezing, sometimes
Costumes just don’t fit

All will take your stuff:
Pirates and politicians
Just dress differently

First-time toddlers cute
Jaded teens out for some loot
And that sugar high

All brought to you by
The American Dental

Enjoy this fine rite
The little ones’ lack of guile,
Sense of make believe

Their masks worn but once
We put ours on every day
— And don’t get candy

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