Sept. 11, redux

From the 10th anniversary, and the day after.

Sept. 11

Some say change takes time
I say it’s always instant
What is, then is not

And what’s gone echoes
Fading to a whisper or
Rising to a roar

Fire, blood, twisted steel
Crashing planes, falling bodies
Seared in memory

Unspeakable loss
Heartbreaking heroism
Echo, re-echo

A wound that won’t close
Can seem so immediate
Despite passing years

Someone you love gone
Missing forever, some piece
Of you lost for good

A decade passes
For you was it a second
Or eternity?

Sept. 12
Day after haiku

America stops
And honors the memories
Of thousands fallen

America stops
Exhales fear, suspicion, hate
Inhales courage, strength

America stops
And all faiths pray together
One country, one peace

America stops,
Reflects, resolves that love, hope
Mark the next decade

Americans stop
And link arms in unity
Show that we still can

Americans stop
Can we start moving again
As one great nation?

It was a fine day
But just one day. This new day
Demands all we have

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