Pathetique haiku

Beethoven’s birthday
And what’s the great man up to?
Why, decomposing

How come Beethoven
Seldom could find his teacher?
‘Cause he was Haydn

But seriously,
“Inexhaustible genius”
Defined Beethoven

Say “buh-bup-uh-BUH”
Chances are you heard the start
Of Beethoven’s 5th

Should anyone doubt
Music’s power to move us
Play some Beethoven

Almost anything
Beethoven wrote should stir them
If not, check their pulse

You don’t have to “get”
Classical music — I don’t —
You just have to hear

Soaring symphonies
Tender sonatas, quartets
Spanning all feelings

And he wrote so much
While going deaf, and after.
Can you imagine?

Thought of suicide
Thought better, and persevered
More masterpieces

Conducting the 9th
Couldn’t hear the ovation
He turned, saw — and wept

The human story
Pain, sorrow, inspiration
Spirit triumphant

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