Page-turning haiku

Twenty eleven
Turn the page, with one last look
Over my shoulder

Blizzards buried us
More than once, driveway projects
Made shovel ready

Japan’s sakura
Wept nuclear tears after
Quakes and tsunami

Drought ravaged Texas
Floods swept Brazil while “leaders”
Denied climate change

Liz Taylor, Steve Jobs
Amy Winehouse, Peter Falk
Among those who died

Special Forces sent
Osama bin Laden on
To his great reward

Hitchens, Havel left
Had the decency to take
Kim Jong-il with them

Plenty of births, too
Planet passed 7 billion
Yearning to be free

That yearning filled streets
Egypt, Libya, Syria
Southern Sudan vote

9-11 had
Its 10th anniversary
Our troops left Iraq

Tea Party revolt
Upset balance perversely
Protecting the rich

Occupy Wall Street
Righted debate, spotlighted
Fairness and excess

President pushed back
In a Kansas town, found voice,
Fought for the workers

And billions woke up
Every day — worked, laughed, cried, loved
Kept the world turning

Mysteries will unfold
Let us greet them without fear
Twenty twelve awaits

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