Hunk-a hunk-a burning haiku, redux

From Aug. 16, 2011:

Can you remember
The day Elvis died back in

Elvis changed it all
Genie of youth, rebellion
Out of the bottle

Many hated, feared
What he symbolized, said he
Really couldn’t sing

Long list of haters:
Ed Sullivan, Steve Allen
And Frank Sinatra

Elvis proved ’em wrong
They came around, whether
They meant it or not

Elvis changed it all
But then what? Life isn’t easy
Even when you’re King

Elvis was the pup
Who caught that car, didn’t know
What to do with it

Ill managed, ill used
Bad movies, material
Tarnished the King’s crown

Elvis made comebacks,
Proved he still had it, and yet
Something was missing

No one who really
Loved and reached him, could lead him
To reality

The King died alone
On his throne, you couldn’t write
A sadder punchline

Talent, tragedy
How often they are married
In this crazy world

My aunt passed this year
She loved Elvis like the sun
She never forgot

The King is dead, long
Live the King, in every heart
Ever touched by him

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