“Re-arranging deck chairs” haiku

Just when I thought work
Couldn’t get more stressful it’s
Remodeling time

Hammers, power drills
Like MRI, root canal
All rolled into one

In my head I hear
“Hammer time!” and “Break it down!”
MC destruction

They came, they sawed, they
Conquered everything in sight.
Well, except the dust

Can you call back, say,
In six months when I can hear?
Or just hold till then?

But soon we’ll be put
In some now-vacant spaces
For several long months

‘Bye, desk of 12 years
A moving experience
I’m sure it will be

Cleaning out my drawers
Some stuff 34 years old
From my first days here

A seating chart, names
Lots dead, all but two gone from
This place of my heart

Time for globe trotting
Shanghaied to Siberia
Till makeover’s through

Temporary digs
No sun, windowless — so no

Isolated — feeling like
Motherless child, squared

But soon this blank space
Will be filled with my clutter
Start to feel like home

Then it will be time
Again to pack, move, enjoy
Shiny new space, cubed

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