“Bushy appendage” haiku

It’s 1-21
“Squirrel Appreciation Day”
Rocky would love it

The squirrel family’s huge
Three hundred sixty-five kinds
One species per day

Except it’s Leap Year
So I might jump in and join
The parade of squirrels

Tree squirrels and ground squirrels
Chipmunks, woodchucks, flying squirrels
And cute prairie dogs

Pygmies (3 inches)
To Marmots (2 point 5 feet)
Long and short of it

Excellent vision
(Where did you get those big eyes?)
Sharp teeth, sturdy claws

A nuisance, granted
(They empty our birdfeeder)
But much fun to watch

And Letterman says,
“It’s so hot I saw a squirrel
“Out fanning his nuts”

Etymon of “squirrel”
Includes Latin sciurus,
Norwegian ekorn

(Those sound like “scurry”
And “acorn” — you must admit
That’s kinda squirrelly)

And Greek skiouros
Means “shadow-tailed” — poetic
For rats that jump, fly

So put out some food
For your favorite squirrel today
I’ll be right over

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