“Quite a pair” haiku:

Warren Zevon, Jan. 24, 1947 — Sept. 7, 2003
John Belushi, Jan. 24, 1949 — March 5, 1982

Zevon, Belushi
Does “birth” describe arrival?
More like “eruption”?

Zevon, Belushi
Two volcanoes of talent
Nothing could contain

Zevon, Belushi
Werewolves and Animal House
“Rah-hoooo!” and “Food fight!”

Zevon, Belushi
Shared a birthday, their demons
A death wish, times two

Zevon, Belushi
Too many drinks, hits and smokes
The real blues brothers

Belushi, untamed
Star-crossed and drug-crucified
Dead at 33

Belushi, a waste
When laughter died, tombstone said,
“Rock and roll lives on”

Zevon, redemption
For Mr. Bad Example
Some extra decades

Friends sobered him up
Music saved him till cancer
Ripped his lungs out, Jim

Zevon, Belushi
Left on the wind; let’s keep them
In our hearts awhile

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