“There’s a word for that” haiku, redux

From Aug. 22, 2011, when the Oxford English Dictionary folks released an update.

People make up words
When old ones no longer do.
Oxford keeps a list

Wonder when the word
“Dictionary” first appeared?
You could look it up

Oxford started this
A century ago when
“Aeroplane” took wing

Today’s updates seem
Paltry in comparison:
“Woot,” “Mankini,” Ugh!

“Domestic goddess”
LOL, I like that one
And “sub-prime” is choice

“Cougar” (new meaning),
“Carbon footprint,” “Gastric band,”
“Slow food” have their place

Technology spawns
Some good ones: “Cyberbully,”
“Sexting,” “OMG”

Now if they’d just ditch
“Lifestyle” I’d be quite happy.
Fuzzy, mixed meaning

Yes, some made-up words
Still put me among WACOS:
“What A Crock Of … Stuff”

But I guess language
Can advance even if it’s
Sounding the retweet

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