“Instant (Plastic) Karma” haiku; “Sweet Dreams” haiku, redux

March 5, 1963: Hula-Hoop patented; Patsy Cline dies in plane crash

Patented proof that
What goes around comes around:
Wham-O’s Hula-Hoop

And these, written on her birthday last September:

Patsy Cline, Sept. 8, 1932 – March 5, 1963

Patsy Cline sang ’em
Just right every time — a voice
That never gets old

Arrangements didn’t help her
Still, her vocals shined

Honky-tonk, heartaches,
Come hither, her voice conveyed
So effortlessly

Didn’t need music
She could sing it all by ear
And with perfect pitch

But most of all she
Could cut through a song’s layers
And lay its heart bare

“I Fall to Pieces”
“Why Can’t He Be You?” “Heartaches”
“Crazy” — crazy good

With just the right pause
She brought down revelation
Singing “She’s Got You”

Last gig, KCK
Then a plane crash took her life
Falling star heartbreak

So tonight let’s go
Walking after midnight, say
“Sweet dreams, Patsy Cline”

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