“Record Store Day” haiku; LeRoi haiku, redux

It’s Record Store Day! Here are a few haiku from this time last year:

It’s Record Store Day
KC’s Vinyl Renaissance
It’s all in the groove

The Tao of Vinyl:
The hole contains all music
Not on the platter

Good Vinyl Karma:
What goes around comes around
Again and again

All the best vinyl
Is revolutionary
But what RPM?

AND a big batch from last Nov. 19th, with was the 52nd anniversary of Kief’s in Lawrence, the record store I haunted in my youth, is here.

AND last year we got the sad, sad news that Leroy (LeRoi) Johnson had died. After college, when I got a job in KC and moved here, LeRoi was THE “record store guy.” Some farewell haiku from last Aug. 30:

LeRoi, it can’t be
You’re gone — I thought the music
Would play forever

King of record stores
On Main Street and then Westport
Never missed a groove

Rotund and ruddy
Ever-present cigarette
You were always there

Wrote same Pitch review
A thousand times, “Cool! Buy it!”
Of course, you were right

Feel strange disturbance
In the Force, as turntables
Cry out, fall silent

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