Wonder-ful haiku

May 13th was Stevie Wonder’s birthday. From this time last year.

A day of Wonder
May 13th, 1950,
Little Stevie’s born

“Fingertips (Pt. 2)”
Announced a new star with “Let’s
“Hear it for the boy!”

Yes, everything was
All right, uptight, outta sight;
Pop hits all could love

Signed, sealed, delivered
He was our soul man; how could
Anyone top that?

But top it he did
Great album after album
Flawless vinyl gems

His inner visions
Turned into sonic landscapes
You could hear, touch, feel

He boogied on, loved
A baby girl’s loveliness,
Ripped politicians

“Superstition”: Now
That’s an intro, and I bet
You’re hearing it now

Pleasures of the flesh,
Longings of the soul, his songs
Made it all so real

Eyes that cannot see
A heart that sees everything
The gift of Wonder

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