Rogue in vogue haiku

Robert Moog, May 23, 1934 — Aug. 21, 2005

Google asks: Aren’t you
Glad Bob Moog used dials? Don’t you
Wish everyone did?

It’s Bob Moog’s birthday
And Google’s synthesized quite
A memorial

Today’s Doodle lets
Us mix, oscillate, filter
Push the envelope

When it’s all set, play!
Then save your tune on vintage
4-track recorder

Moog would’ve loved this
Though he always said he was
“Just” an engineer

Genius, more like it:
Sold kits to make theremins
And good vibrations

His two companies’
Electronic instruments
Changed sonic landscape

‘Stead of Mini Me
Made Minimoog, Voyager
And Little Phatty

And just for effect(s)
Made Moogerfooger pedals
Then Pro Tools plug-ins

So have fun, create
Your own song of invention
In Moog’s memory

The Moog Doodle is here.

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