“And he won’t mind if you spell his name backward” haiku

June 1 is the birthday of Bob Walkenhorst, a fine singer and songwriter, and a pretty darned good painter, too. Best of all, he’s a wonderful person. I wrote these a year ago.

For Bob Walkenhorst
Painting the scenes of our lives
In brushstrokes and notes

What to say to one
So entertaining, so true?
Happy birthday, Bob!

The head Rainmaker
Making music, making friends
In KC for years

Singer, songwriter,
Guitarist, drummer — plays mean
Harmonica, too

He writes the best songs
Surprising, clever, touching,
Funny — so human

And you know when it’s
Bob singing, one of a kind,
Though he covers well

Yeah, Bob does Elvis,
Van, Mick, Lennon, Dylan, Hank,
Fogerty, the Boss

But no one sings Bob
Like Bob — nobody else can
It’s just that simple

He’s done it for years
With bands and friends, or solo,
And just gets better

When he gets on stage
He makes us feel he belongs
To us — quite a gift

Happy birthday, Bob!
Here’s our ears, and hearts, gladly
Given in return

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