Vacation haiku, part 3

Lots of beach reading
Love, war, dragons — and after
The tattoos, some books

The hourglass figures
Seldom have the time of day
For gray-haired tourists

Gymnasts coil, uncoil
Hand- foot- hand- foot- hand- foot-prints
Handsprings eternal

Dapper old surf dude
Wetsuit and walrus moustache
Looks good catching waves

Yellow boogie boards
Carry freezing frolickers,
Smart kids in wetsuits

Waves’ frigid beauty
Irresistible — result:
Frozen bananas

Batman water wings
Happy-tiger-face beach chair
The tot patrol’s here

Endless energy
Bodies less than 3 feet tall
Scoot like windup toys

Plastic-diaper twins
Vertical leap 2 inches
Hop over “big” waves

Toddlers with shovels
Big diesel earthmovers pale
In comparison

Low tide, castle waits
So exquisitely detailed
Exquisitely doomed

Blue, blue green, gray green
Silver flash of sun, foam, crash
Waves rinse and repeat

The tensions of life,
No match for the endless waves,
Go out with the tide

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