Remembering Dr. King

Here are some verses from Aug. 28, 2011, about the March on Washington.

March on Washington
Was 48 years ago
How little we’ve learned

Dr. King’s great dream
Stirred hope, moved many to act,
Changed so many laws

Hundreds of thousands
Marched with him and stood with him
Black and white, as one

Mahalia, Dylan
Peter, Paul, Mary
All sang f
or  justice

But that march was not
“For Rights and Laws” but a march
“For Jobs and Freedom”

Martin envisioned
Harmony and dignity
— And that includes jobs

But today instead
We have rancor, bordering
On our disunion

Not a great nation
But warring camps, opposite
Our Founders’ vision

Recession destroyed
Gains black Americans made
Across the decades

Wealth gap, jobs gap mock
Equal opportunity,
Freedom, dignity

March on Washington
Was 48 years ago
We are slipping back

The choice is still ours
If we quit acting as if
God is on our side

Yes, the choice is ours
Let’s pray to be on God’s side
As Lincoln, King did

Honor each other
Promise to work together
— Then really do it

There’s no other choice
Work for  the dream so one day
Our kids may live it

And some from Oct. 16, 2011, when the King Memorial was dedicated. It was to be dedicated Aug. 28, but Hurricane Irene pushed back the date.

Washington, Lincoln,
Jefferson, Roosevelt, King
Justice on the Mall

Dr. King wasn’t
A president but he takes
His place among greats

Among two founders,
Two who led us through dark times
This man of peace stands

King stood for justice,
Economic rights, good jobs
And never backed down

“Out of the mountains
“Of despair a stone of hope”
Our work’s still cut out


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