Igniting bonfires

I’ve been writing haiku — or at least 5-7-5 syllable verses — most days this year since late January. I’m starting this blog so more people can see them, beyond the folks I’ve been emailing them to. Is that a good thing? I guess we’ll find out.

Besides my near-daily posts of new haiku, I’ll be reposting batches of haiku from earlier this year, to create an online archive of sorts, heaven knows why.

OK, let’s get this show on the road. You get a quadruple batch starting with today’s offering.

Fall haiku, part 4:

Life’s calendar says
Fall but my spirit says rise,
Reprise spring, summer

My life like the year
Well more than half gone — I can’t
Fathom its ending

My heart still races,
Rages, yearns, aches — can’t absorb
The wisdom of age

Mellow’s not in me
Although my gray hair, lined skin
Foreclose outward youth

But inside, the spark
That makes me who I am leaps
To ignite bonfires

Fall haiku, part 3, from Sept. 27:

Summer’s fire lingers
In leaves blazing red and gold
Proud before their fall

The earth’s ripe bounty
Blesses labor, consecrates
The tabernacles

Bins burst, storing warmth
To fire bellies when winter
Cloaks all in its cold

Late bloomers savor
Their Indian summer but
Know how this plays out

The year, like all years,
Must fall, the victim of time

Fall haiku, part 2, from Sept. 26:

Dudes with doctorates
Say “Autumnal equinox”
I just say “Fall’s here!”

I mean, what “autumns”?
Temperatures fall, the leaves fall
Apples fall from trees

True, pumpkins don’t fall
But neither do they “autumn”
Nothing really does

What’s that? You “autumn”?
“On the islands”? I hope with
Your mom, and grammar

Orange you glad that fall
Dresses in such bright colors
Before winter’s white?

Football brings fall fun —
If concussions, shredded knees
Define “fun” for you

At least marching bands
Entertain at games without
Lots of broken bones

The best sport wraps up
Soon with the true Fall Classic:
Come on, World Series

Then college hoops start
Enjoying them’s a slam dunk
Can’t wait for the Phog

So I just don’t get
Those who want fall over with
Though it’s just started

Halloween I’ll have
Costume right in season: Sears’
Christmas catalog

Fall haiku, part 1, from Sept. 25:

In fall, at harvest time, my thoughts always return to a little village in Transylvania. In September 1991, I was part of a group from All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church that visited our sister church in Galfalva, Romania. The fall of the Ceausescu regime opened the possibility of such sister church relationships, and ours was one of the first — and one of the first to result in a visit. It was quite a trip.

20 years ago
Transylvanian village
A rare pilgrimage

Back in time to roots
Of my faith, a faith rooted
In freedom, reason

On Nyarad River
Villagers opened their arms
Their love overwhelmed

Unitarian faith formed
Before my country

Village church opened
Before the U.S.

The Sunday service
Preacher in Dracula cape
Everyone spiffed up

Sermon praised the land
And the people who worked it
God’s gifts at harvest

We offered our gifts,
Hearts, wish for peace, unity
Across all the miles

Village most humble
People most hospitable
I’ll treasure always

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