Mmm, leftovers

Most days I’ll try to post something from the past, until pretty much everything is available on this site. Having ushered in fall (today’s original post is right below this one), let’s recall the coming of March, and spring.

March 1

Checked my shopping list
All out of February
Won’t be buying more

Come in like lion
Go out like lamb; so who writes
All this stuff? Noah?

Soldier’s calendar
Gets really monotonous
It’s always March First

No, I take that back
With prosaic drill sergeant
It can be “March Forth!”

“The March Hare will be
“Much the most interesting,”
Or so says Alice

Will the March Hare bring
Some relative sanity
To the Tea Party?

The Hatter and Hare
Tell us it’s always Tea Time
Do they back Palin?

Besides looking glass
We have to go through some hoops
For our March Madness

March 20

The first day of Spring
Daffodils and crocuses
Say it’s bloomin’ time

Spring has sprung today
And that’s nothing to sneeze at
Or maybe it is

The first day of Spring
Soon the bees will be saying:
“Hey buds! Let’s party!”

Spring has sprung today
And April showers will bring
May crabgrass, you’ll see

The bunnies of spring
Are hoppin’, so their babies
Can’t be far behind

“Vernal equinox”
I think that’s the Latin for
“The back yard’s flooded”

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