“Summer lingers through September” haiku

Richard Harris, Oct. 1, 1930 – Oct. 25, 2002
Julie Andrews, Oct. 1, 1935

Stars came out today
The lovely Julie Andrews,
And Richard Harris

He was King Arthur
She was Guinevere, but not
The same production

Turns out they DESPISED
Each other after being
In film “Hawaii”

Good she did the play
He the movie, preserving
Peace in “Camelot”

Richard Harris raised
As much hell as anyone
On the stage or screen

Indifferent parents
Left him feeling cold; he drank
From an early age

It’s a miracle
He lived as long as he did
In his liquid state

I think HE’s who left
That damned cake out in the rain
In “MacArthur Park”

Sobered up at last,
Or he’d have checked out sooner
Wizardry came next

Albus Dumbledore
Was his final role — too bad
Just two episodes

So raise a Guinness
In his memory if you must
But stop after one

And what can a guy
Say about Julie Andrews?
British loveliness

‘Liza Doolittle
Mary Poppins, Maria
Three legends in one

Most beautiful voice
The sweetest face, almost hid
Impressive acting

Her “Modern Millie”
And “Victor Victoria”:
Bright comedic gems

Love you, Ms. Andrews
So glad you keep shining on
— And happy birthday!

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