Random from the past

Random haiku from earlier this year

Feb. 10, Boulevard Brewery and Christopher Elbow release new chocolate beer. I pass:

Chocolate beer? I guess
Christopher doesn’t know his
Ale from his elbow

Beatles on haiku:
“Well she was just seventeen”
Syllables, that is

May 11

You must remember
This: A kiss is just a kiss
But don’t tell Hershey

Digital photos
Have no darkroom moments to
See what develops

And one for a friend, on what would’ve been her father’s 75th birthday:

A dad’s Cheshire smile
Lingers in our memory
Warms us to this day

June 10

Do crazy quilters
Consider their handiwork
A blanket statement?

How to take a “smiley tear”?
Signed, Oxy Moron

July 21

Shuttle touches down
One last time, its star sailors
Back in Earthly port

Hearts that soar must land
But mine, having none of that,
Slips gravity’s grip

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