March 6 haiku

March 6: Michelangelo born (1475), Missouri Compromise (1820), Dred Scott decision (1857), Bayer patents aspirin (1899)

Gazing at ceiling
Reminds me: Happy birthday,

Devil’s day doubled:
The Missouri Compromise,
Dred Scott Decision

Bayer gets patent
Excellent pain reliever
Lousy birth control

Speaking of Missouri …

Missouri shows us,
Picks Limbaugh for Hall of Fame,
Reverts to “Puke State”

And at random …

While meditating
I wait for enlightenment
To speed the heck up

Random haiku

Chill rain, warm salt sweat
Commingle in runner’s rite
At pulsing temple

Dry gusts, humid breath
Weather patterns roil and clash
Cloud around his head

First flake of fall snow
Crystalline beauty, perfect,
Catches day’s last light

First flake of fall snow
Beguiling Goddamned gangster
You know he’ll bring friends

B.o.A. woos me
Kills debit card fee — too late
I’m feeling withdrawn

Here I sit, forlorn
So sweet, so ready, just like
Halloween candy

Lover’s sighs, baby’s
Laughs, fulfilling work’s rhythm
Monotony thrills

Coffee’s gurgling drip,
Lunch counter’s din, dinner’s peace
Monotony thrills

Random haiku

Cold air, frosted ground
December morning wanders
Into October

Olive oil question:
How is it that something can
Be extra virgin?

October’s the month
To adopt a shelter dog
Diamonds in the “ruff”

Random haiku, let it be

Most glorious fall
(Complete with juicy apples)
Since Adam bit in

Full moon, windshield mist
Cross the line from crisp to chill
Autumn’s first shiver

Country Club Plaza
Folks suntanned, sinewy, blonde
KC’s fat free zone

Preacher: Paul, do you
Take Nancy to be your wife?
Sir Paul: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Moments on the couch
Intimacy can shrink if

This must be a day
To tap into, for twice it
Goes to eleven