“Wanna see my iPhone’s lampshade app?” haiku

Office party time
As if you don’t see enough
Of your co-workers

The Mistletoe Zone
Heaven or hell depending
On who’s there with you

Guess X marks the mass
Of folks sucking down free booze,
Costco canapes

And punch, our favorite
If you’re asking what we’d like
To do to the boss

Gee, I didn’t know
She could dance like THAT, didn’t
Know anyone could

And I thought tables
Were for setting our drinks on
I’d say she showed me

At least I know how
To hold my liquor — upraised,
Pinkie extended

Thank God the DJ’s
Really horrendous, or else
We’d be here all night

Office party time
At least once a year our firm’s
A well-oiled machine