Random haiku

Love music, low joints
No rock or blues today just
Ankles going pop

Where did winter go?
I think I found it, hiding
Deep inside my bones

Mud rut, driveway’s edge
I’ll miss the kid who makes it
When he leaves next fall

Come January

Come January
“Socialist” president says
Let’s cut heating aid

Come January
We’ll save 2 billion dollars
Presto! So simple!

Come January
That one cold budget number
Will make warm tears flow

Come January
The average heating aid check
Will be half last year’s

Come January
Thousands in one small state, Maine,
Will run out of heat

Come January
Average Bangor low will be
Just 7°

Come January
They’ll hear the jeers: “Get a job.”
“Too bad you’re lazy.”

Come January
Most of them will go to work
Some have two, three jobs

Come January
They’ll all wonder how to get
Through one more winter

At the holidays
When we are snug, think of them
Come January