“64 + 6” haiku

For great musicians
It’s as if notes become flesh
See: Paul McCartney

60 Gold Records
Hundred million albums sold
As many singles

“Yesterday” covered
More than any other song
Imagine that, John

But numbers don’t tell
Story of Paul McCartney
Only music can

And oh what music
Orchestral scores, movie tunes,

And prolific solo work
Maybe I’m amazed

Wings piled up hits, too
Good for a band on the run
12 #1 discs

And oh yeah yeah yeah
There was that earlier group
John, Paul, George, Ringo

Did they change the world?
Or just reflect the changes?
Who cares? They’re perfect!

Called Paul the cute one
And he was that, but much more,
Of course, musically

Those killer bass lines
From “She’s a Woman,” “The Word”
To “Dear Prudence,” “Rain”

Acoustic guitar
On several White Album cuts,
“Yesterday,” “Michelle”

Electric guitar,
Too, including the solo
On George’s “Taxman”

And the voice, the voice
Scream and shout “I’m Down” or croon
All those great ballads

But even for Paul
Life wasn’t perfect — lost
His mum at 14

The birds flocked to Paul
He made music with a few
A nest with Linda

But cancer took her
Far too soon, leaving a void
Then a rough marriage

Hope he’s happy now
‘Cause he still sounds great, still works
For some fine causes

The awards pile up
And tributes will keep flowing
He deserves them all

Forget yesterday
Rockin’ 70 today
Happy birthday, Paul!

“Best of verse, worst of verse” haiku

Beatles land at JFK — Feb. 7, 1964
Charles Dickens, Feb. 7, 1812 — June 9, 1870

British invasion
Fixed bayonets? No, moptops
Armed with 45’s

A Friday landing
New York’s Kennedy Airport
Started their conquest

They’d topped U.S. charts
With “I Want to Hold Your Hand”
More where that came from

Thousands screamed non-stop
Lost voices, inhibitions
Beautiful release

Sunday on his show
Sullivan announced the charge
“Right here on our stage”

40% watched
That first TV appearance
Millions all tune in

Then D.C. triumph
Occupied Carnegie Hall
Sullivan again

Left us wanting more
Like Oliver with his bowl
Loved them, yeah yeah yeah

Here’s another twist
That first U.S. landing came
On Dickens’ birthday

Google Doodle says
Great British author was born
Two centuries past

Crusader with pen
Captured boarding school horrors
The courts’ injustice

Railed at his country’s
Poverty amid plenty
With fiction quite real

Brought London to life
Upper class privileged, stifled
Poor scrabbling to live

Serialized work
Gave his stories a rhythm
Cliff-hangers galore

And the characters!
Nicholas Nickleby, Pip
David Copperfield

The Artful Dodger
Uriah Heep, Wackford Squeers
Mr. Micawber

Samuel Pickwick
Abel Magwitch, Tiny Tim
Ebenezer Scrooge

Dickens visited
U.S. twice, reading his works
Exploring New York

For second visit
Departed England, where else
But from Liverpool

Wined and dined, he made
Dozens of appearances

Dickens on death bed
Said “be natural,” fulfill
“All the rules of art”

Years later, Fab Four
Would do just that, bring U.S.
One more manic gift

Random haiku, let it be

Most glorious fall
(Complete with juicy apples)
Since Adam bit in

Full moon, windshield mist
Cross the line from crisp to chill
Autumn’s first shiver

Country Club Plaza
Folks suntanned, sinewy, blonde
KC’s fat free zone

Preacher: Paul, do you
Take Nancy to be your wife?
Sir Paul: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Moments on the couch
Intimacy can shrink if

This must be a day
To tap into, for twice it
Goes to eleven