“64 + 6” haiku

For great musicians
It’s as if notes become flesh
See: Paul McCartney

60 Gold Records
Hundred million albums sold
As many singles

“Yesterday” covered
More than any other song
Imagine that, John

But numbers don’t tell
Story of Paul McCartney
Only music can

And oh what music
Orchestral scores, movie tunes,

And prolific solo work
Maybe I’m amazed

Wings piled up hits, too
Good for a band on the run
12 #1 discs

And oh yeah yeah yeah
There was that earlier group
John, Paul, George, Ringo

Did they change the world?
Or just reflect the changes?
Who cares? They’re perfect!

Called Paul the cute one
And he was that, but much more,
Of course, musically

Those killer bass lines
From “She’s a Woman,” “The Word”
To “Dear Prudence,” “Rain”

Acoustic guitar
On several White Album cuts,
“Yesterday,” “Michelle”

Electric guitar,
Too, including the solo
On George’s “Taxman”

And the voice, the voice
Scream and shout “I’m Down” or croon
All those great ballads

But even for Paul
Life wasn’t perfect — lost
His mum at 14

The birds flocked to Paul
He made music with a few
A nest with Linda

But cancer took her
Far too soon, leaving a void
Then a rough marriage

Hope he’s happy now
‘Cause he still sounds great, still works
For some fine causes

The awards pile up
And tributes will keep flowing
He deserves them all

Forget yesterday
Rockin’ 70 today
Happy birthday, Paul!

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