“Don’t look down” haiku

“Don’t look down” haiku

Walk the line between
Clarity, insanity
A man, a wire, falls

With borders guarded
Crossing can be tough, but this
Is ridiculous

Last time the Niagara Gorge
Traversed on high wire

Now Nik Wallenda
Of famous flying family
Will take that long walk

End a Wallenda?
Wire humor is all gallows
No pratfalls allowed

End of Wallendas?
No, even if Nik did die
Family would go on

Following footsteps
Fatalist’s folly also
Family foundation

Following footsteps
Wallendas sound like Nike
Saying “Just do it”

Speaking of sponsors
ABC will televise
Hoping you’ll tune in

Disney’s owner says
There’ll be no death — Live! — on air
Nik must wear tether

But what if Nik sheds
His safety harness midway?
He’d like to, you know

He’s walking at night
So if he makes some mistakes
We just won’t notice

Crossing Niagara
Dark, alone, on a drenched wire
What will it feel like?

Fear, terror, longing
For the other side, to feel
Earth beneath his feet?

No, Nik Wallenda
Is a different kind of man
Mostly nuts, all guts

Walks the line between
Lunacy, serenity
A man, a wire, falls

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