More random haiku

From Jan. 29, 2011

Weekends tailor made
For resting up, healing hurts
Restoring spirits

From May 17, emptying a notebook.

Dinner with our friends
What a great idea! Let’s
Ask ourselves over

Meta-data are
Vertically integrated
But what does that mean?

(Tahoma’s the default email font on a lot of PC’s these days.)

Like Tahoma she’s
Sleek, modern; the only thing
She’s sans is serifs

How come Beethoven
Seldom could find his teacher?
‘Cause he was Haydn

(And the first in a series on square dancing that never materialized.)

At the big square dance
Homer Simpson busts a move
Watch him doh-si-DOH!

From May 18

The real mystery
Is history: Why don’t we
Learn its real lessons?

Ruby Tuesday’s like
TGI Fridays only
Three days earlier

Ink from well-kept pen
Flows smoothly across the page
Writing should feel good

Alt cars won’t flourish
Without charged-up promotion:
Volt, Leaf need big plug

I guess you could say
Arrested Development
Is my middle line

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