The best is yet to come

The Rainmakers have a new video out. I thought there might be one or two people reading this who haven’t seen it. So there it is. It’s also a good excuse to post some more semi-related pre-blog stuff. Again, chances are good if you’re reading this you know the Rainmakers were a 1980s and ’90s band from Kansas City that got back together this year, 25 years after their first album, and cut another great album, “25 On,” pretty much in five days. (Get it here:

Anyway, as I get older it’s inspiring and heartening to see people my age and older doing amazing things, and to feel that I’ve never been quite so alive and capable and creative. Thus, “Old Guys” haiku, from March 16:

Old guys have the chops
Rainmakers “25 On”
Better than ever

Old guys really rock
Neil Young, like a hurricane,
Still blows us away

Old guys have the goods
Neil Young showed the way, out-grunged
Every new grunge band

Old guys have Mojo
Like Tom Petty cranking out
His 15th album

Old guys have the touch
Land a plane on the Hudson?
Sully was no kid

Old guys have vision
Frank Lloyd Wright in his 60s
Dreamed Fallingwater

Old guys have the ear
Janacek wrote his classics
At 70-plus

Old guys kick your ass
Then effortlessly drink you
Under the table

Old guys keep going
They were just born to outlast
Punks and pretenders

Old guys do it all
At least the ones who really
Could in the first place

The only thing that
Really gets old is people
Hung up about age

And here’s a little Rainmakers addendum, from April 13, reference to Hendrix’s saying, “Oh no, I’m out of tune again; well, only cowboys stay in tune.”

“Tuning’s for cowboys,”
Jimi said; Rainmakers say,
“Rehearsing’s for kids”

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