A day of note

Jeff Porter’s birthday
A musician’s musician
Playing them his way

He’s a working stiff
“Just” an American dad
Chasing a dollar

But words from his heart
And music from his fingers
Fill in his story

Singing uncle spun
Melodies, pilot dad traced
Vapor trails for him

Mystery and beauty
Fleeting fame, lasting longings,
Hearts like birds take wing

His down to earth songs
Sketch laugh-out-loud flaws, foibles,
Spankin’-good romance

Magic each Wednesday
Gigs with his pals Bob and Norm
Always some surprise

Folk, rock and reggae
A little country — he can
Sing and play it all

Newest Rainmaker
Helps Bob, Rich, Pat get it right,
Fåvang to St. Cloud

A fine guitarist
Knockout keyboard player, too
That’s our Jeffy Lee

Happy birthday, Jeff
Your fans are blessed to know you
Friends, luckier still

P.S. If you aren’t already familiar with Jeff’s music, you should be. His “15 Miles” CD is available at Amazon and iTunes, ditto the “No Abandon” CD with Bob Walkenhorst, which includes “Hey Bird.” Amazon also has “Norway No Abandon,” a great DVD from Bob and Jeff’s 2010 Norway tour. Jeff’s also the lead guitarist on the Rainmakers’ 2011 release, “25 On.” And come to the Record Bar in Westport almost any Wednesday; Jeff and Bob, usually with Norm, hold court from 7 to 9. Heck, they’ll even let you buy ’em a beer — and I think the above mentioned products usually are available, too, at the sound board.

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