Blustery day haiku, redux

Reminiscent of our weather yesterday and today, from April 4

Around here lately
Every day has been winds-day
Isn’t that right, Pooh?

It’s not just bluster
That destroyed the owl’s house
And has wrecked mine, too

How windy is it?
My breezeway just blew away
Roof’s not far behind

How windy is it?
Hammer blew away trying
To nail my stuff down

How windy is it?
They’re lashing kids to street signs
At the bus stop

How windy is it?
Forget leaves; entire trees
Are blowing away

How windy is it?
The wig shop is offering
Free Gorilla Glue

How windy is it?
I don’t even have to dance
To make my tie fly

How windy is it?
Like talk radio bombast:
Blustery and wild

Wild like a toddler
With his diaper off — Oh no!
There goes the diaper

What else just blew by?
Was that a small animal?
Or Donald Trump’s hair?

Windy? It’s a first
Across the great Kansas plains
Windmills overheat

Tumbleweeds tumble
Faster than the Roadrunner
In this kind of gale

Dylan, Hendrix sing,
“And the wind began to howl”
Pee-wee says, “Well, duh”

The answer, my friend,
Blew down the street yesterday
And is long gone now

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