Sarah Jarosz, SHEL concert, redux

One of the best shows I’ve ever seen was a little gig this year at the Record Bar. Having a front and center seat didn’t hurt. If you don’t know Sarah Jarosz and her two CDs, you should. The SHEL sisters are wonderful and charming, and they have a couple of EPs out and some good YouTube videos. Here’s the show recap.

From Aug. 3

Strings zing, voices blend
Some kind of magic happens
At the Record Bar

SHEL opens the show
Four sisters, classically trained,
Mini symphony

Mandolin, keyboards
Violin, djembe come
Alive in their hands

Heavenly voices
One, two, sometimes three join in
Divine harmonies

Faces, hair tossing, tumbling
Bodies sway, step, stamp

Sisters play as one
Yet as different as their shoes
Boots, Keds, black slip-ons

Sometimes close my eyes
To focus on the music
Pure sound surrounds me

Songs so creative,
At turns intricate, simple,
Bewitching, playful

So much joy in just
Listening, soaking it up
They stopped all too soon

Sarah Jarosz takes
The stage with her two side men

“Tell Me True” opens
Heart’s deepest questions laid bare

“Run Away” beckons
Who wouldn’t follow her down

Storm-cloud eyebrows brood
Over face fresh yet knowing
A door to the muse

“My Muse” envelops
Taps creativity’s vein
Oh so languidly

“Gypsy” sketches scene
Filled with everyday mystery
Tear jerking details

Banjo, mandolin,
Guitar– she’s master, mistress
All encompassing

Alex, violin
Caressing, cajoling sounds
Soothing, spine tingling

Nathaniel, cello
One with its strings, body, bow
Fused, he can’t refuse

Their instrumentals
Have a language all their own
Past understanding

Glances exchanged, eyes
To brains, back to fingertips
Synapses in synch

Notes step gingerly
Then parts pace purposefully
Gaining momentum

Break free to gallop
Fearless into the unknown
Into the dark night

Songs up in her head
KC blessed with them tonight
They stopped all too soon

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