Abecedarian haiku, redux

A few of these appeared first as part of an alphabetical string by the Facebook group Bad Haiku, of which I am a proud (?!) member. I felt challenged (Yeah, he’s challenged all right …) to do a series of my own, for which no one else would have to share the blame. These originally escaped in two batches, Aug.23 and 24.

Anything Aztecs
Achieved animatedly
Augmented action

Blake's behemoth

Bemused Blake bargains,
Buys big Biblical banner
Behemoth bisects

Crude, crass carnivore
Creeps, canters, cavorts, crashes,
Consumes carnally

Debauched demimonde
Deliciously declaiming
Decadent design

Effusive Edgar
Exceeding expectations

Freaking fast Frederick
Filched filigreed finial
From Fannie’s fiefdom

Gregarious Greg
Gratefully going gaga,
Gorgeously gonzo

Hack’s hackneyed haiku
Hitting horrifying heights,
Haunting headhunters

Ignominious igloo
Incited Iceland

Judicious Jutland’s
Justified jeremiad
Jolts jaded jackass

Kinetic karma:
Kamikaze Kangaroo
Kicks karate kin

Lass, laughter lilting,
Lightheartedly limning lines,
Lightens lover’s load

Monsanto musings:
Mystical mutant mustard?
Manifold mystique!

Native nasturtiums

Nina’s nifty nose
Nonchalantly noticing
Native nasturtiums

Octopus orders
Oriental opposite

Pampered pet pooches,
Plump, primped, partake plentiful
Porterhouse platter

Questioning quisling’s
Questionable qualities
Quite queasy quandary

Recumbent redhead
Risks rapidly receding
Reclines recklessly

Sibilant siblings
Steve, Sara, Sasha, Sonia
Sounding simply swell

Tall tales titillate
Tantalize, taunt temptingly
True trash to treasure

Undulating undertow,

Venerable van
Vaunted versatility
Valued vehicle

Which witch witchingly
Watches wastrels waste whiskey,
Wishing wistfully

Xerxes, Xenophon
X-ray Xeroxed xylographs

Yesteryear’s yearnings
Yellowing yearbooks yonder
Yoke your yesterdays

Zero, zenith, zilch
Ziggy zigzags zealously
Zooming zanily

And from the Squad Squad and the Department of Redundancy Department, one that was censored from the original batch:

Undulating underwear

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