“That’s a big 1040, good buddy” haiku

For those of you just wrapping up (or getting started). Written last year.

Income tax, oh joy
I don’t mind paying my share;
Paperwork, I hate

Income tax, oh joy
What form does Charlie Sheen use?
1040 Slea-Z?

Income tax, no fair
Jim Beam’s allowed to write off
His liquid assets

Income tax, oh joy
April 15th’s the 17th
This year. Is that clear?

Income tax, oh yeah,
This year we get two more days
To stew over it

Income tax, get this
My brilliant deductions would
Impress Sherlock Holmes

Income tax, say what?
You sure I can’t count my dog
As a dependent?

Income tax, oh joy
Even my new computer
Despises this stuff

Income tax, no fair
Donald Trump gets to deduct
That thing on his head

Tax time, go figure
Trump’s wives are good examples
Filling out their forms

Income tax, oh joy
Why do I think there must be
An easier way?

Income tax, oh joy
Just total up your earnings,
Mail ’em to D.C.

Income tax, oh joy
My accountant’s not too bright:
H&R Blockhead

Income tax, oh joy
Loopholes somehow turn into
Noose around my neck

Income tax, oh joy
With help from the IRS
Hey, stop that laughing

Income tax, devised
By the best politicians
That money can buy

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