No moss haiku, part 3

Bill Wyman’s birthday yesterday makes it as good a time as any to get past Stones stuff onto the blog. From the anniversary of the release of a great album.

May 12, 2011, haiku

Exile on Main Street
Released 39 years back
On a dark May day

The Stones were exiled
To France and LA, fleeing
Britain’s back taxes

Music deep in blues
Vocals buried in mixes
Murky, layered, drugged

Country, calypso
And soul sank into the songs
Blurring the picture

Musicians drifted
In and out, heroin shot
Through Keith Richards’ veins

The dissolution
And delays bugged unstoned Stones —
Mick, Bill and Charlie

Despite everything
The beast was corraled, not tamed,
Baffling to many

Dice tumbled, joints were
Ripped, hips shaken, a light shined
And Keith got happy

A time of excess,
Restless music, “more is more”
Captured brilliantly

And the Voice critic
Robert Christgau got it right:
“Fagged-out masterpiece”

Another rolling birthday

Almost missed a Stones birthday. Bill Wyman, Oct. 24, 1936. Hard to believe he left the band almost 20 years ago.

Rocker of ages
Bill Wyman, 75,
This October day

Followed bass instincts
Made his own fretless model
Amplifier, too

Decent audition
Joined Stones, December 7th,

Great rhythm section
With Charlie Watts: pulse, heartbeat
Of the classic Stones

Followed base instincts
Scandalously so, bedded
Then wed a young teen

Son from earlier
Once engaged to the mother
Of Wyman’s child bride

But enough weird stuff
Or maybe not — I mean who’d
Quit the Rolling Stones?

But he’s done fine since
Married an adult, more kids,
Own band, Rhythm Kings

Always keeps journal
Wyman’s written several books,
Bio “Stone Alone”

Dig this: Hunts treasure
(You thought Keith was the pirate!)
Metal detective

Wrote movie scores, takes
Fine photos; 2010 had
Own exhibition

Ex-Stones bass player
Bill Wyman, 75,
Gathering no moss