“It’ll last longer” haiku

Eadweard Muybridge, April 9, 1830 — May 8, 1904
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Are horses’ hooves all
Off the ground at the same time?
Eadweard Muybridge asked

To find out he took
A gallop poll — with cameras
Triggered in sequence

One shot answered “Yes”
And the rest advanced the art
Of motion pictures

He invented an early
Movie projector

Muybridge also shot
Athletes and other people
As they moved about

Muybridge also shot
Wife’s lover dead — talk about
Dark room negatives

Jury rejected
Insanity plea but still
Found him not guilty

“The Photographer,”
Film scored by Philip Glass, told
The trial story

In real life Muybridge
First to charge to see movie
— But no 5-buck Cokes

Edison followed,
Others too, so it behooves
Us to remember