Independence Day haiku

The 4th of July
A Declaration

Self-evident truths
Rights unalienable
Life and liberty

No Mother England,
No Father King, they declared,
Would deny their rights

Battles with British
Had started one year before
Would last 5 years more

But Declaration
Marked the point of no return
For a new nation

Two signed right away,
John Hancock and Charles Thompson;
Others a month hence

56 signed on
Signed their death sentences if
Revolution failed

But Washington led
Troops that bled at Valley Forge
Refused to give up

French aid was crucial,
Let’s not forget, and freedom
Eventually rang

50 years later
Adams, Jefferson died, but
Their work continues

The Declaration
Excluded women and slaves
But it was the start

Declaration lit
Flame that vanquished slavery
Gave women the vote

And equal rights’ quest
Will never die if we keep
Hearts and minds open

Pismo Beach

From July 2-4:

The beach on the Fourth
Red, white, and blue, and that’s just
Tourists’ skin and lips

Bodies every shape
Umbrellas every color
Waves — just green, white, gray

Dreadlocks past her waist,
Wide body, richly tattooed
A living mural

Romping on wet sand
Playing tag, catching some rays
And that’s just the dogs

Two women, two dogs
Whippet, chihuahua, that’s the
Long and short of it

Diversity dogs
Golden-yellow by design
Big cross-bred beauties

Chihuahua trio
A dozen tap-dancing paws
Strain sequined leashes

Neat slashes in sand
Gangs mark their territory
The gulls and the terns

Beach boy loves the birds
But wishes they all could be
California gulls

Heads bob, dots in foam
Chocolate M&M’s in waves
Of ocean frosting

Solitary sail
An antenna attuned to
Wavelengths of the sea

Idyllic beach scene
Like movie but God doesn’t
Turn off wave machine

Lifeguard Station 5
Abandoned alien craft
From ’50s planet

Tiny house, west wall
Nothing but windows, gazing,
Catching every wave