“A day in the life” haiku

Sir George Martin, Jan. 3, 1926

George Martin heard sounds
From Beatles’ imaginings
Etched them in vinyl

Produced classical,
Comedy records alike
Then signed the Fab Four

Wasn’t sure at first
Vocals, humor convinced him
They were worth a shot

Thought “From Me to You”
A good start, called “Please Please Me”
“Your first number one”

Beatles’ talent reigned
But Martin added touches,
Arrangements that helped

Strings on “Yesterday,”
Keys on “In My Life” got them
To go for baroque

“I Am the Walrus”
“Penny Lane,” “Strawberry Fields”
“Eleanor Rigby”

Last time all four lads
Were in studio at once?
This date, ’70

Happy birthday, George!
What say later we meet at
Pablo Fanque’s Fair?