“Scream and shout” haiku

“The Scream” sells at auction for record $120 million.

I scream you scream we
All scream: Who in the world paid
That much for “The Scream”?

James Brown, May 3, ’33 — Christmas, ’06

BD of JB
And Soul Brother No. 1
Liked to celebrate

Came up the hard way
Picked cotton, scrounged coal, danced, sang
Did hard time for theft

Then he showed the way
Mixing rock, funk, soul and rap
Before we said “rap”

James Brown poured it on
For “Live at the Apollo”
An all-time classic

Hardest working man
In show business always gave

So get your hot pants
Pop up some mother popcorn
Start the sex machine

Please please please, JB
And thanks thanks thanks for makin’
Us shout “I feel good”