“Someone REALLY needs a cup of coffee” haiku

Making school lunches
And brewing up the dark roast
The job has its perks

Oops! Added too much
Yoda says: “Right state of bean
“There is no ‘too much’ ”

Joe from Sumatra,
Guatemala, Honduras,

Golly Malawi,
Dominican Republic,
Zambia zingers

Jamaica mean pot?
I Haiti when that happens
Uganda drink it?

Tastebuds round the world
I almost forgot Java
Kenya believe it?

Java enabled haiku, or It’s bean real

Sept. 29, according to someone, is National Coffee Day. Of course, so is May 16. And July 24 is just plain old Coffee Day, falling during Coffee Week. And August is Coffee Month. Sheesh. Not that I don’t love coffee.

One of my first haiku was about coffee, part of a batch of “Recession Haiku” on the Kansas City Star’s business page April 29, 2009.

Ruthlessly spend less
But cut out coffee? I cut
Out your heart first, Joe

Java (with steamed half and half — the breve latte) perked into a Feb. 2 “Buddha made me do these” batch:

We say namaste
To recognize the divine:
A breve latte

The breve brewed again on April 12, in “Half and half haiku”:

The breve latte:
Coffee, half and half equal
Heaven in a cup

Just keep that Equal
Or any other sweet’ner
Outta my latte

Can coffee poems
Be grounds for legal action?
There’s something brewing …

But barista barred
The barrister from Starbucks
No subpoenas here!

My tall tales can turn
Grande, or even venti,
Not good under oath

I would testify
That my waistline’s expanding
From all that breve

But if that’s what stops
My clogged up heart one fine day
I’ll go with a smile