“Love in the margins” haiku

For Valentine’s Day, 2014

Love in the margins
Filled with doodled daydream notes
Her skin, lips, hair, eyes

Love in the senses
Perfect recall, unbidden
Her shape, smell, taste, touch

Love in the wrinkles
A map of treasured decades
Stretched belly, etched hands

Love in the marrow
Unshakeable, imprinted
Forever memories

“What goes around” haiku, or “Ferris Doodle’s Day On”

Written Valentine’s Day, 2013, keyed off the Google Doodle that day for George Ferris’ 154th birthday.

“What goes around” haiku

It’s Valentine’s Day
What better time to visit
Love’s amusement park?

Love disorients
It’s Tilt-a-Whirl, Loop the Loop
And Atomic Drop

Love distorts, deceives
It’s funhouse mirrors — and meals
Of cotton candy

Love tantalizes
When that Tunnel of Love kiss
Whispers “Forever”

Love shows us heights, depths,
Crushingly quick endings — it’s
A roller coaster

Our brains — and stomachs
Know we can’t live like this, yet
We keep going back

Heartache and heartbreak
We line up, punch that ticket
To know we’re alive

This Valentine’s Day
Google honors George Ferris
And his smoother ride

He died young but first
Fashioned his romantic dream
For the world to share

Civil engineer
Known for mastering railroads,
Bridges and tunnels

Exhibition challenged to
Out-Eiffel Eiffel

Ferris offered wheel
264 feet
In diameter

46-plus tons
Of metal forged its axle
U.S. steel, writ large

Judges terrified
Rejected it as unsafe
Then reconsidered

Ferris made it real
And millions came to catch its
Unparalled view

Ferris died alone
But his wheels turn on and on
Like a love that lasts

And here’s a favorite wrencher, about when that wheel gets bent.

“Lost my head” haiku

Happy Valentine’s Day. Last year it seemed as if lots of different people were singing to me. For some reason, this year it’s Van Morrison. Here are a couple of light ones.

“Crazy love,” I love
That craziest phrase in all
Its redundancy

Valentine, a saint
But not first guy, or last, who
Lost his head this day

I wrote a lot of verses last year, but for some reason this one got the most response. Hmmmm.

It’s Valentine’s Day!
Hug your sweetie; love your spouse
Just don’t let them meet

The whole 2011 bunch is here.

And here are the rest of this year’s, not so light.

Courageous, we love
Surrender our hearts, ourselves
Out beyond the fear

Courageous, we love
Losing those we hold most dear

No more to savor
Taste of salt, scent of flowers

No more to drink in
Every line, curve, lash and lock
With forever’s thirst

But till then we dare
To love with all our senses
Out beyond all sense


Whatever your faith
Each child born’s a miracle
Sacred and human

Feed them and love them
Keep them safe and warm that they
May learn, grow, love too

Christ said what we do
To the poorest among us
We do to the Lord

See in each other
Redemption and salvation
Existence divine

I say that’s the Christ
I hope to keep in Christmas
This day, and all year

Valentine’s Day, redux

Written for Valentine’s Day, 2011.

Feb. 14, 2011

It’s Valentine’s Day!
Time for love letters filled with
Gooey promises

It’s Valentine’s Day!
Play some romantic music
And join my chorus

It’s Valentine’s Day!
“Let’s do it; let’s fall in love,”
Louie Armstrong sings

It’s Valentine’s Day!
This very day I proposed
Twenty-two years back

It’s Valentine’s Day!
“I’m Still in Love With You,” sings
Righteous Rev. Al Green

It’s Valentine’s Day!
“Our Love Is Here to Stay,” sings
Billie Holiday

It’s Valentine’s Day!
“We’ll Be Together Again”
Sing lovers who part

It’s Valentine’s Day!
Nothing should compare with what
True lovers can share

It’s Valentine’s Day!
You don’t need Cupid’s arrow
I’m all aquiver

It’s Valentine’s Day!
Tell the doctor to go home
Ain’t no cure for love

It’s Valentine’s Day!
Try “Once” if you want to watch
A romantic film

It’s Valentine’s Day!
Watch “About a Boy” and see
How love defines life

It’s Valentine’s Day!
You don’t have to be “in love”;
Enjoy your friendships

Caution: Blue (or at least blues-man) lyrics ahead:

It’s Valentine’s Day!
And my heart is double parked
So baby let’s roll

It’s Valentine’s Day!
Don’t leave me stuck in neutral
When the light turns green

It’s Valentine’s Day!
My battery’s fully charged
Turn the ignition

It’s Valentine’s Day!
Trust me baby, it’s all good
What’s under my hood

With apologies to Rodney Dangerfield:
It’s Valentine’s Day!
Meet me after school — you know,
When you have no class

OK, the cynicism finally sets in:

It’s Valentine’s Day!
Will you be mine forever?
At least till morning?

It’s Valentine’s Day!
Still looking for Mr. Right?
Or Mr. Right Now?

It’s Valentine’s Day!
Hug your sweetie; love your spouse
Just don’t let them meet

It’s Valentine’s Day!
February’s half over
You gotta love that