“The day’s offerings” haiku

Written Aug. 12, 2011

It’s one of those days
Musical talent was born
All varieties

Brave Rostropovich
Most brilliant cellist, champion
Of all peoples’ rights

Honored the classics,
Encouraged new composers,
Dignity for all

In ’27
Porter Wagoner loped in
Circle the wagons!

Discovered Dolly,
Had own TV show, master
Of Grand Ole Opry

Next up, Buck Owens
In ’29, another
Bright star of country

Not the Nashville sound,
Buckeroos, but Bakersfield;
Stripped down, nice and lean

Ringo sang his tune
“Act Naturally”; Dwight Yoakam
Continues the sound

More guitar greats born
This day: Sultan Mark Knopfler
And Pat Metheny

Knopfler got into
Dire Straits, and then he played
His way out of them

A KC suburb,
Lee’s Summit, was Metheny’s
Birthplace, stomping grounds

You can hear those roots,
Edge of wide open spaces,
In much of his work

He also breaks bonds
Musical and technical
To fuse ideas

A jazz superstar
In so many ways, but keeps
Sense of fun, and awe

A personal fave
Completes the group, Kid Creole,
Born Thomas Browder

His names and bands changed
But the Kid was always hip,
Cool amid disco

His tropical blend’s
Still smart, funny, danceable
— Right for a birthday

August 12th, good job!
Serving musical pleasures
Across the spectrum