“Just be glad you don’t have to see my birthday suit” haiku

B-Day haiku #1

Easy to remember — wait
Whose birthday is that?

Happy birthday to …
Me! 57 today
So glad to be here

Gifts beyond counting
Treasures invaluable
Glimpses of heaven

Wisdom comes with age
That’s how the saying goes, so
I must not be old

B-Day haiku #2

Indian summer
Hot morning, ’round 2 a.m.
I entered this world

Indian summer
Somehow the sun feels warmer
Colors radiate

Indian summer
Greens, browns, russet, ochre, straw
Palette all its own

Indian summer
Squint into the light, hoping
To catch one more glimpse

Indian summers
How many do I have left?
Savor each with me