“Dark moments in U.S. history, #12 & 35” haiku

FBI catches
Public enemies, though not
Public Enemy

Spied on John Lennon,
Some violent rap gangstas
— And one huge past threat

Back in ’64
G-Men scrutinized lyrics
To “Louie Louie”

Some nutty parent
Complained the words were obscene
Hoover’s boys got down

Played Kingsmen classic
Over and over again
Faster and slower

Grilled the songwriter
Put the “I” in FBI
What a waste of time

This date, ’65,
Released conclusion: No one
Could make out the words

(Aside from Butt-head:
(“Uhhhh, any dumb-ass knows that.
(“And they said, ‘Make out’ “)

That fine little girl
Still waits for me. FBI,