Hollywood high-ku

From July 6, 7:

Stars in the sidewalk
Stars in strollers’ eyes as they
Walk this street of dreams

Five stories above
Shoppers and his sure demise
Billboard artist hangs

Suspending his life
So we’ll suspend disbelief
And buy that Pepsi

Roll by roll he works
Choreographed wallpaper
Unfurls new message

LA shopping day
Tree-lined streets, my daughter’s hand
Palms out everywhere

On Rodeo Drive
It’s true: If you want to ask
You can’t afford it

On Rodeo Drive
Dad sees so many pricetags
So little fabric

On Rodeo Drive
Exquisite bookshop provides
Island of relief

On Rodeo Drive
Millionaires pause, sigh, envy
All the billionaires

On Rodeo Drive
Fundraiser for the homeless
Seems so far from home

Stuck on LaBrea
Apropos since my daughter
Thinks I’m dinosaur

Clouds give rooftop pool
A hint of reality
Just a hint, mind you

Candy-striped one-piece
Plaid trunks, sleek swimmer’s Speedo
Kids in what suits them