A bow (bou), a bow (bō), a birthday

Play a birthday tune
For Shinichi Suzuki
Say, “Twinkle, Twinkle”?

Suzuki bowed out,
99, in ’98
His lessons live on

Suzuki grew up
Working father’s factory
Making violins

Taught himself to play
Though father thought performing
Unworthy pursuit

German study trip
Gave him chance to know Einstein
And think bigger thoughts

Bombs of war destroyed
Family violin factory
Poverty threatened

Suzuki worked hard
Taught orphans to play, took one
As son, persevered

He didn’t worry
(Violinists have no frets)
He just kept working

Developed theory
Of Talent Education
For music — and life

Start early, repeat,
Have parents and teachers who
Keep learning, growing

Now youthful millions,
Often playing violin,
Develop themselves

Unlock potential
And appreciate beauty
Of music — and life