Solstice haiku

The days get shorter
From here on out — can you feel
Time slipping away?

When did the hourglass
Tip, time immeasurable
Turn to counted hours?

When did time contract,
Rein in the racing, stretching
Of endless summers?

And the horizon
Seems to be moving closer
Space shrinking with time

Entropic thinking
Most likely’s true but it sucks
The life out of me

Need sunlight, need air
To blow away the decay
Renew mind, spirit

For the shortest night
However dark, deep, gives way
To the longest day

Last year’s much cheerier batch for the year’s longest day are here.

At Greg’s summer place
Some are here and some are not
Can we check you in?

Haiku saving time

Don’t forget to switch your clocks tonight. And these are followed on the blog by re-posts from June 21st, the day with the most daylight, and with a nighttime suite I wrote back in February about things that happen, however cliched, in the wee small hours.

Spring forward, fall back
Big deal! I do that most days
Turning off alarm

Bright idea first came to
George Vernon Hudson

Astronomer bugged by waste
Of all that daylight

Lived in New Zealand
So there was one huge problem:
Sheep didn’t get it

William Willett golfed,
Had same thought, 1905,
To extend tee times

Germans made the switch
1916 to save coal
During World War I

Brits then the U.S.
Followed, pretty soon nations
All around tried it

Farmers don’t dig it
But sporting goods stores sure do
Maybe it’s a wash

I love the daylight
But the nighttime’s the right time
For some things, nudge, nudge

So, if I post this
1:15 a.m., will you
Get to read it twice?

Spring forward, fall back
We’re fooling Mother Nature!
No, fooling ourselves

The light that matters
It shines 24/7
In your heart, your eyes

Longest day haiku, redux

On the cusp of the Daylight Saving Time switch-over, here are some for the longest day of the year.

From June 21, 2011

Daylight, each day’s gift
To walk in the sun and feel
Its warmth on our skin

Daylight, each day’s chance
To go around again, flip
The next page of life

Daylight, each day’s spin
Revolutionary yet
Too subtle to feel

Daylight, each day’s breath
In and out, the dance of life
The rhythm of hearts

Daylight, each day’s lick
Of ice cream, sip of red wine
What pleasures beckon?

Daylight, each day’s tricks
Of solid, shadow and smoke
Memory’s missteps

Daylight, each day’s bits
Of grit, soil, salt and sweat

Daylight, each day’s gold
To be measured and burnished
Squeeze every last ounce

Daylight and with age
It dawns on us to cherish
Each wrinkle in time

Daylight, and today
A few extra ticks, just like
My last camping trip

Daylight, yes today
We get a few seconds more
— To be spent beaming