Vacation haiku, part 2

A quick ferry ride
We’re on Balboa Island
For a lovely stroll

Wind, sun at our backs
Flowers painting rings around
Picture perfect homes

Little downtown strip
Blooms originality
Just two signs alike

“Frozen Bananas”
The rage — two shops claim to be
“The Original”

On ferry ride back
Three cars, bicycles, tourists
Crowd the tiny barge

On ferry ride back
Little girl tells her nanny
“He’s not my boyfriend”

Beach highway beckons
Air so light, cool, crisp with just
A touch of salt taste

Sign says Oceanside
I wonder how they ever
Come up with these names

“No beach out of reach”
Says Navy assault station
— And local surfers

Surreal white pods dot
Grounds of idled reactor
Like alien craft

Vacation haiku, part 1

Actually, it’s back to work today. But last week was fun.

Didn’t shave today
Therefore, I’m on vacation
Norelco, buzz off

Misty morning flight
Patterned land recedes, clouds fill
Windows with unknown

Leave early, just beat
The lightning strikes that will ground
Other planes today

Beverage cart squeaks by
No inch to spare on board jet
Everything’s compact

Brazil concentrates
In OJ cup; Springsteen fits
In tiny iPod

Change planes in Dallas
Then on to John Wayne Airport
Orange County’s proud field

Some moms trying hard
To look just like their daughters.
In Golden State, tin

OC: Orange County
Or Obsessive Compulsive?
Sorry, HAD to ask

Vacation beckons

From June 28:

Haiku hiatus
Internet independence
Vacation beckons!

Who knows what treasures
In 17 syllables
I’ll bring back with me?

In the meantime, friends,
Enjoy your respite; I know
My targets will, too

And “For those about to beach, we salute you,” from June 30:

My toes in the sand
Big umbrella overhead
Small one in my drink

Let God count the grains
Of sand; my kids will track them
Back to the hotel

Surf sound so soothing
All of this year’s pent-up stress
Goes out with the tide

Flight back haiku

July 8:

Flight back to KC
From reality TV
To reality

Life-saving advice
Mumbled quickly, fuzzy like
A grade-school PA

“It’s against the law
“To destroy the smoke alarm”
Never would have guessed!

A roar of engines
Long run to get momentum
Wing flaps flat; we’re off

Harbor’s blue jewel
Marina del Ray, beaches
Wink a last goodbye

From high above, sprawl
Of LA is still enough
To fill the window

Print on wing says “Don’t
“Walk outside this area”
Air monsters, take note

Her head, my shoulder
Get reacquainted during
Little in-flight nap

Grand or not, canyon
Stretches to the horizon
Gaping red, green, brown

Cotton clouds hover
Unreal, like a kid’s stickers
Pasted to the blue

Flight’s slowed down a bit
Headwinds? No, humidity
KC must be close

Sprawl, KC version
Cul-de-sacs’ cookie cutters
Stamping out farm fields

LA to KC
Rod Serling appears, to take
Those two hours back